Commission – OPEN

If you want a doujinshi or manga translated then send me a email including a link to the file so that I can look at it. Then I will tell you if I will accept it or not, and give a quote. You can reach me at kenren@yakudou.com

I only accept script commissions. Meaning, it is up to you or someone else to do the typesetting and image editing that may be required. I only provide the translation.

How much does it cost?
50¢ to $1.25 depending on the amount of text on the page.

How long will it take?
It completely depends on the amount of translation that is required. But for a regular paged doujinshi I will probably tell you 4 days to be safe, but I will most likely get it done much sooner. Don’t worry i’ll let you know as soon as I am.

How will i pay for the translation?
I will send you a paypal invoice after i have completed the translation. You will be required to pay before I send the finished script to you. At this point you have 2 days to inform me of any changes you may want, such as something being phrased differently, or any spelling errors that may have occurred.

What I expect of the commissioner.
I should be given clear proper credit as translator. My name, my release number, and my site URL should also be clearly typeset into whichever page the typesetter uses to show credit to the ones that worked on the project. If you find any of that confusing then I can typeset the credit page for you. I also will want to post the completed work on my blog when finished.

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