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[Kurione-sha] Baby Maybe (English)

A bounty I took a long time ago and forgot about.
It’s been typeset by the group that released it.

Check it out here

[8cm] Kagerou to Imekura Play Shitai! (English)

Here’s a work that I had sitting around for a long time.
Download below.


[Moketa] Scramble Girls Ch.3 (English)


Here is the final chapter of Scramble Girls, commission courtesy of Hihohahi! All three chapters can now be found here: g.e-hentai.org
Translation: Kenren(Me)
Typesetting: Hihohahi

[Moketa] Scramble Girls Ch.1 (English)


Commission courtesy of “hihohahi”. He did all the amazing editing, I just translated the script. You can check it out here: g.e-hentai.org

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